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Originally Posted by bigsmoot2 View Post
I am numbers guy, so if the odds are as stated, no.

The numbers say a blue prospect auto every other hobby box and a blue prospect auto roughly per jumbo box. RC color autos are almost impossible in either jumbo or hobby.

Non auto color is even worse this year.

The fact that there are more jumbo than hobby, means something is out of whack. That is almost never the case.

Gonna be a buyer's market when the market floods here IMO.

I still stand by my theory that the top guys will do well no matter how many there is in the chrome print run. Buxton chrome autos would seem to be plentiful, so if you want to sell them to me PM me!
with 70-80 cases worth of group breaks and tons more individual breaks we will get a pretty good idea of where things will shake out soon enough!! gl to all busting and have fun!!
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