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Originally Posted by NeedChapmans View Post
I kind of agree with the freaking out though Dave. I think people have reason to be irritated, upset (if they are). I know you feel like many that I'm blowing this out of proportion to a certain extent, but I urge you to consider the numbers don't lie.

When a Buxton auto falls one out of every five hobby cases, and there are 2,100 of them available, don't you think that's a little out of whack? Imagine the amount of base, inserts, just normal value items that have to be printed to amass such a ratio.

I wish so very much you and others would not open their cases and just parse them out, which will greatly help the long-term and short-term value of this product / but I know that's not gonna happen. I really, really, really do feel that when everyone starts to see what their pulling, and what the completed auctions look like on eBay, there will be significant losses / and more importantly significant time lost.

My mind keeps telling me Topps is to blame but if the stance is "I'm gonna open them anyway", then it's Topps. We're to blame for seeing this, and still decided to accept it.

I've said and "preached" all I can on this board about it, and I'm still the loon ... so be it.
mike - i don't think you are a loon - i am actually kind of agreeing with it...
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