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Originally Posted by ncm7772 View Post
Please read my above posts. I mentioned my response to that incident.

Both the sign holder and the "puncher(s)" are obvious scum. But you're saying that someone getting beat up (which is a shame, and I hope the person(s) involved are charged) should enable someone to respond by holding up a sign mocking the motto of a city that was just attacked by terrorists? Wow. You should really be ashamed of yourself.
In all fairness, both the sucker puncher and the sign holder are #@#@#@#@#@#@#@s.

But I think you will agree that sucker punching and KOing someone just because they have a leaf jersey on is ALOT worse than holding a stupid sign that basically broadcasts that you are an idiot.

I seriously doubt the sign is in response to the sucker punching!

I think the sign holder is just an idiot. I think the sucker puncher is a legit threat to peoples safety. Obviously!!!

I will let you decide on your own whats worse and has a greater impact on someones life.
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