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Originally Posted by SacGWYNN19 View Post
Homer anyone?

30 more games played. 1 year more

Less combined tackles, less Stuffs. They really don't play the same position. When you want to actually pair two like players, bring it. 'Til then, stupid homer thread for sure.

Tell my why Pola has more tackles in far less games, as well as stuffs. Maybe 'cause he is the 8th in the box. Reed has never been the 8th.

So hideous for sure.

Is school out?
30 more games in only one year shows Polamalu's lack of durability. Should only be 16. Reed has over double Polamalu's interceptions with only one more year under his belt while only 35 less combined tackles. Majorly different ratios there. So I guess schools still in session.
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