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Originally Posted by Seanathan297 View Post
I think Ed Reed wins without question. I would like to throw Adrian Wilson out there for your consideration as well, he doesn't get enough love.

Reed - 61 INT's, 11 FF, 9 TD's, 6 Sacks
Polamalu - 30 INT's, 8 FF, 4 TD's, 10 Sacks
Wilson - 27 INT's, 14 FF, 4 TD's, 25.5 Sacks
Wilson is an animal. Love that guy's tenacity. Gotta go with Reed but that certainly isn't because Polamalu is a slouch. Reed has the most INT return yards all time, top ten in picks, top ten in return TDs. Career tackles are almost identical. I realize the numbers don't tell the full story of a player's greatness, but Reed is far and away more impressive from that standpoint. Arguments about their intangibles would be like splitting hairs. Give me Reed over Troy.
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