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Default orion7950: Pick-ups & mail 5/8-5/14

First stop, comic shop on my way to work...

Love the SW#5 cover classic..

A back issue of GoT, Chin Music #1, SW #5, TWD #110, and X #1. Got there too late for Über #1, they were already out, and didn't see 12 Reasons to Die, either.

Had this waiting for me when I got home ($7.15 DLVD!!!)..

2 Guns 1B, 2B, 3A and 4.. Have not been able to find #5 anywhere. Does it exist?
1B has a couple minor spine stresses, and 4 looks like it has a chip by the top staple (after looking at another image online, it turns out it's just part of the graphic). Other than that, these issues are in immaculate shape. Not sure about the insides yet, lol. BOOM

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