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Originally Posted by Chrisp253 View Post
How do you mess with em?

Theres a searcher at my local target that actually cuts into blasters and steals the packs.. Also those repack deals that you get multiple random packs takes some of those.. There was one last contenders at my target i went to grab and was like hmmm this feels light.

There was a searcher at walmart tonight and i just awkwardly stood really close to him and stared at the packs on the shelf for 2-3 min.. He looked like he was using some rubber thingamabobber to search them tho.. When i first walked up he was rubbing it on topps rack pack but he wouldnt do it again when i was standing next to him.
people that open products in stores are not pack searchers, they are thieves.
people who still packs and cards are thieves, packsearching is morally wrong but most of them guys dont steal inventory from stores.
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