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Originally Posted by gentlevader View Post
Yeah I would love to see the scan and have no problems waiting until Friday to see the scan. Thanks!
NP, I'm weird about stuff like scanning, leaving feedback, guess you can say its just my quirks.

Scanning gets done once a week. This week its Friday. I will scan my entire TNA Box break along with the weeks new cards I got in (about 50 cards) then

I got that Taryn /50 and a Winter auto, and a duel Tara auto along with a Jeff Hardy Relic #'d 01/25 from this box here

I did that last week. Scan of the card is at the 4:45 point. Pretty solid box I thought.

I only scan cards once a week as it's easier for me to do them at the same time then trying to do them multiple times a week as it's very time consuming. Just like I clean out my inbox once a week. I have to do that to make sure I'm not spending that much time on those chores. Let me know if you want it
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