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Originally Posted by dlouisb1313 View Post
I posted the message below a couple of weeks ago but here it is again.Now all you have to do is insert zigglers name,and I'm a ziggler fan,but like I said it's about their profits.

Why is it that for ages they would strip just about any title of someone hurt.If i remember correctly i think i got upset once when hhh was stripped of a title.Now wwe is worried about their bottom profits. CM Punk wasn't stripped of his title,now cena. If that's the current trend so be it,but what if he's hurt say 1/2 the year.
Back in the day if a wrestler couldn't defend his title within a set amount of time they stripped him of it as well. Its nothing new. The title is a catalyst to get the worker more air time to get over. Some guys need it more then others, Ziggler is one of those guys. Giving the unified title to Jericho over the rock and stone cold was another good example. If he can't defend it at the ppv then they should drop it, personally like him holding it but the outside distractions are hurting his credibility. Nothing against big e or aj but would rather see Dolph wearing it alone maybe because it reminds me of Shawn Michaels run with big daddy cool deisal. the problem is no one seems interested with big e, when he turns on Dolph would anyone care?. dolph needs to get big e over.

The wwe not defending the championship at the ppv wouldn't work either, just part of the business. can you imagine the main event of the ppv a us title match?
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