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Default The Buxton Debate

Byron Buxton is killing it right now and has 8 speed, 8 arm and developing power and patience. What's the problem you say? Nothing, he looks great and appears to be an Eric Davis starter kit.

My problem is his base Bowman autos are going for $110...basically the same as Taveras, and Taveras has dominated against older/better competition.

Is the market saying Buxton > Taveras...if so are you guys buying the hype?

Based on his prices, even if the settle to $80, we are looking at buying buxton above where profar, bogaerts, taveras and other monster names were at the same age.

So is Buxton above elite and on the tier right below Harper/Trout? If he is I can understand buying. For me though l am inclined to watch prices settle and see what he does after a promotion or 2.

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