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Originally Posted by iam12fear View Post
I wanted to ask this earlier but never got around to it. What are the reasons for collecting payments three months before we are even going to be thinking about drafting? It looks like only one person has paid so far. Is this not going to happen?
No worries! I like to be organized and have everything in, set, and ready fast. Makes it a lot easier for me as commish. Rather than having to scramble around and get people last minute because people who werent serious about joining signed up. Pretty much everybody told me when they will pay by. Doesnt have to be due by the exact date, I just like to get the word out so everyone has notice and can take the time they need to get the $ ready in a timely fashion. I find this way works smoothest. Havent had an issue for years! This will league will happen! I have spoken to everyone via PM to confirm. Feel free to ask me any more questions.
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