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You are a complete tool and deserve the miserable life you must live.

Originally Posted by RBI44 View Post
Yeah... it's been manipulated by outside dealers foolishly buying up stock and jacking up the prices.

Sports card dealers that have no clue about wrestling, decide to get into wrestling cards. They'll go and buy up a $50 card (that may not have even been worth $50 in the first place) and try to reprice it for $150.... just because they have the money to waste and stupidity to try it.

It's climbed and climbed to the point where you now see $200-$300 wrestling cards glued to eBay store pages that never sell. They turn over every month eating up fees like a vacuum cleaner.

If they knew anything about wrestling, they would have known that they were never going to be worth that.

The prices that the public (real fans) are truly willing to pay, realistically hasn't changed much. Just clueless hands entered the hobby a few years ago and started playing games by creating a false value that will (and has already started) to bust.

They are eating it in fees from the inflated listings that don't sell.
And eventually that stock will be liquidated and we'll see what it's truly worth again on open auction down the road. A fraction.

Wrestling fans in general, are not big spenders. $25.00 for a new hat is pushing it. Wrestling does not attract a higher end market that sports cards or UFC does. Wrestling booms once a year at WrestleMania. They will drop bigger money during that weekend. That's about it. The average fan with lower to middle class income is not going to spend 2-$300 on a single wrestling card, no matter how rare or who it is. They simply don't have it.

Not to mention the other factor that most wrestling names fade into obscurity and often lose credibility from the performers getting into drugs, doing crazy things, or whatnot. Their names are usually dragged through the mud and seen passed out at local gym shows. These names simply hold no value or recognition long term. It's not a sport. There are no real records or statistics. Therefore, the value is all built on a fantasy. If that fantasy is shattered... the value is shattered. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
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