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All the statements are wrong on Buxton so far on here. The public is much more educated than you think about prospects. Last year at this time, everyone was wondering why people were buying Taveras chrome autos for 50.00 and were very critical of a so called " violent swing " and the fact he had not played above A ball and was bad defensive player with little power. But his cards got even hotter and so did his performance. Buxton was the top guy in the entire draft last year and is playing in the Midwest league this year, a notorious pitchers league that you never see guys right out of high school dominate. Buxton is dominating the league right now. Baseball America and other sites have already said he is now among the top 5 prospects in the game and is now above Miguel Sano as a prospect. This is not the new shinny toy. This is a special talent whose all around game is scary and he is just getting started. Did you notice have fast Correa's cards came down ? That is because he is not playing well and was over hyped. Buxton color ref autos have actually gone UP since release if you look. His high end stuff will not come down as there is a ridiculous number of buyers. His regular chrome auto may come down some because there is a ton of them out there. But, yes this guy is for real and could be a bargain when you look at Bryce Harper's chrome autos and what they started out at.
Bad fielder yes, no power? He was coming off a season where he his SLG% was .584 and a OPS of 1.028 as a 19 year old in A ball. I wouldn't call that no power. How many other people SLG over .550 in the MWL? Buxton's base prices will come down as 90% of prospect card buyers are "prospectors/investors/flippers" whatever you want to call them. The general "fan/collector" cannot substain/support a $100 value on a card readily available in the marketplace. Flippers/prospetors can but most of the major players I know (like myself) are passing until they get to $70 range.
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