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Originally Posted by aaron41984 View Post
Go buy Sano. If you don't already own any, you might not know just how horrendous those 2010 BC Autos are. So many scratches, indentions, creases, did I say indentions?

The educated buyer is scared of his raw 2010 BC autos because of the condition issues but his Ref Autos are still close to $150.
I'm well aware of Topps quality control issues with all chrome related products produced in 2010. BGS 9 copies still sell relatively cheap.

That's another thing I never understood about the Grading market. You could have a year like 2010 where BGS 9s were more scarce than a BGS 9.5 from 2013, yet 2013 9.5s get nice premiums despite having a gem rate of 75% of the print run (just a guess)
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