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Default Question... needs input

hey guys, I followed oxxon's suggestion of going through wal-mart for prints, this will save you a lot of money bypassing EBAY... anyways here are the four prints I made. I cant decide if I should get these auto'd or just frame them in the man cave. they look super good and I think its a major gamble getting these guys to even return them. I emailed my contact at UofOregon and she said its about a 20/80 chance i would get them back... she said just wait till a spring game or until they get drafted... what do you guys think?

If you guys want any college players, I can get most of them into this format, printed for you, and sent out...... pm me and lets see if we can work something out....
Here are the 8x10 photos:

Jeremiah Masoli

Lamichael James

Walter Thurmond III

Jonathan Stewart
blowouts resident criminal.
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