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Default 1992 WCW Topps UK Set with Scott Hall rookie card.....

I find it interesting to hear that Sjim8660 is considering starting a PSA Registry set of the 1992 WCW Topps UK.

The centering on these cards are all over the place and finding enough to really build out a set will be tough.

I have purchased some of these and plan to send them into PSA.

There are some cool cards in this set and I think the Diamond Stud card #52 is going to be a big card very soon.

This is a cool card as it features Scott Hall right before he broke out to huge success in the wrestling business.

The other card in the set that I think has tremendous potential is the Paul Heyman card. This is just an awesome shot of Paul E Dangerously back in the day. This card could get hot in high grade for sure.

Here are some scans of the cards from the set and the checklist. - 1992 WCW Trading Cards

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