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Originally Posted by ncm7772 View Post
Do u Bruins fans notice people jumping on the bandwagon already? Around here, I'm already starting to see a ton of Bruins gear being worn that I never see (I see someone w/ a B's hat or shirt maybe twice a week, now I'm seeing multiple every day since they won Game 7), "fans" posting on FB that have never once posted anything about hockey, etc.
I don't see it but then again I'm typically around and at places where I know who the fans are, I'm pretty sure you go into the burbs of Pitt. you will see the same #@#@#@#@ happening or has hapened ,

I have to disagree especially here local, not sure what you are referring too, (don't look at FB) but of all the major sports Hockey is the one sport that has fewer 'bandwagon' fans then any other major sport. Your showing your age when you let social media skew your opinion aka, 'You see more stuff on FB' LOL

I find it funny you pick out the Bruins who are an original (6) team and at one point yeas ago, where only surpassed locally aSs far as popularity by the Celtics! Come to the TD Garden and show me the bandwagon fans are down in the Loge or up in the balcony.

Pittsburgh has developed a fan base after Lemieux became a household name their you now have your second wave of Bandw.....I mean fans developed after Crosby showed up, you just need to look just a little harder around you, Bruins fans have existed and remained far longer then Pens fans!

And the Bruins related products (Logo etc.) has always been one of the top selling brands in all of Hockey, hell do you think these rappers wearing hockey jerseys are bandwagon fans in disguise!

By the way the Bruins won the Cup just a few years ago, typically a fan base will get younger fans etc. after a Championship happens everywhere even in Pittsburgh.

If you see Bruins fans in Upstate NY that's a testiment that we are everywhere!! Trust me I don't see Penguins jerseys around Boston or for that matter when I travel in NY state, but yes I have seen B's jersey's we are everywhere!!!!!!!!
So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.

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