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Originally Posted by ncm7772 View Post
Do u Bruins fans notice people jumping on the bandwagon already? Around here, I'm already starting to see a ton of Bruins gear being worn that I never see (I see someone w/ a B's hat or shirt maybe twice a week, now I'm seeing multiple every day since they won Game 7), "fans" posting on FB that have never once posted anything about hockey, etc.
Happens quite a bit in Boston which is mainly media-driven. As soon as a team in the other sports (Celts/Pats/Sox) finishes their season/isn't in first place/loses in playoffs, the local media immediately switch their full coverage to the team that is. Then you get a lot of people who usually never talk hockey at the water cooler suddenly talking hockey as it has taken over the media.

Regarding gear, everyone here has a piece of Bruins gear in the closet. Boston remembered it's a hockey town a couple years ago and the black and yellow looks best on everyone.
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