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Originally Posted by ncm7772 View Post
You're taking WAY too much disrespect from my post. I meant absolutely ZERO disrespect. I'm just mentioning I've noticed it in Upstate NY. You seem (to me at least) to think I'm taking a knock at Bruins fans, which I absolutely am not. Not sure why you'd bring up
Pittsburgh bandwagon fans, that was never mentioned in my post.
It's just ironic you continue to mention seeing MORE Bruins 'swag' when it's existed everywhere for some time now, and tying that into 'bandwagon fans!! if I understand your post.

If I were to mention I'm seeing way more LA Kings hats, jerseys etc., I would tend to believe it's because they just won the Cup and I would expect more follks to be wearing it, I guess I just don't see your direct correlation to bandwagon fans, as you nor I actually know if they are a fan's or not!

It's not from a disrespect aspect that I'm responding (well maybe I was a little, and I apoligize for that but we had a big win last night! LOL) but more from the tying in of seeing the Bruins hat's, jersey's etc. to being 'bandwagon jumpers' that's all!!
So if I am going to be a hater who hates the Patriots then buddy I am going to be the best damn hater I can be. I AM ALL IN.

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