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Originally Posted by peafour View Post
I got the same thing, twice (I sent one to GB Enterprises, one to the Masters Locker Room), and they both look legit compared to the Leaf Metal Auto I pulled last year.

On a side note, I got another return from Arnold Palmer, also c/o the Masters Locker Room that looks far more legit than the usual autopens. I don't have anything real to compare it to at home, but the beginning of the A in Arnold doesn't have the same thickness the whole way through the curve that it seems to have for the autopens. Dan, your photo of the Jack/AP dual reminded me of that. I'll post some scans some time over the weekend.

tl;dr, I'm almost certain the Jack is legit, and that AP from the Masters Mens Locker Room could be as well.
Yeah that's what heard, Palmer was signing at the masters. Ill have to try next year since all three palmers I have are autopen. Which jack/ap were you talking about? I don't think I have one in my collection. Thanks for the post. I'd love to see your Palmer from this years masters.
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