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Originally Posted by dthimesch View Post
he actually makes some very valid points.

You really think they come down to $70 with the way he is playing?
Maybe, maybe not.

If not, what is the point at buying them at $100, unless you are buying them to hold onto them for a PC or something.

Most prospectors buy cards to make money, whether it is to stockpile, buy a few and flip when the time is right, whatever. I don't see how there can be much money made on buying a base auto at $100.

There have been very few folks whose base autos started at $100 or over.

Harper, and then who?

If they don't dip down that far, it doesn't really concern me that much, there are much smarter buys out there right now then Buxton.

I think he will be good, but we'll see if the market can hold these prices for base autos.

I mean his prices right now are higher than Taveras, that doesn't seem quite right does it?

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