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Originally Posted by steelers View Post
Yeah, there is a chance his base chrome auto comes down to 75.00, but guess what, if that happens everyone and their mama will be buying them at that price. I know of one big buyer that would take 100 Buxton chrome autos at 75.00 each. I remember lots of people were saying the same thing on Harper chrome autos when they came out. Just wait a while, they will drop and that is the time to buy. Well, they didn't drop much because the demand is so strong for him. I think the same could be said with Buxton. Not comparing the two, but Buxton is playing A LOT better than Harper did in the minors. When a player gets as much press as these guys did, it does not take much for them to jump in price.
Harper was the most hyped prospect ever and even non-baseball fans knew about him because he was on the cover of ESPN magazine and in the majors at age 19. If Buxton was Harper he'd already be playing 130+ games in the majors this year. Clearly that's not going to happen this year and probably not next year either. Harper is a rare talent that could lead the majors in home runs for 5 years straight. That isn't Buxtons game and I'm not taking away from the tremendous start to his career but "chicks dig the longball".

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You really think they come down to $70 with the way he is playing?
They will definitely come down very close if not to $70. Too many available and no prospect has ever substained a $100 value before AA except Harper. Trout was well hyped and put up good numbers and his were only $50 in the offseason of 2011.
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