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Originally Posted by peafour View Post
Oh, and Ian Poulter signed at the Masters as well, and I have no reason to think he won't sign if you send to another major tournament. He's very fan friendly when it comes to autos. He's the only one who didn't stiff me at the Ryder Cup, lol.

I really need to get a flag to get signed. I've always thought they look gorgeous. I will try my luck with Palmer if I can figure out which event he will be at next. My dad is a huge Arnold Palmer fan and my uncle watched him for like two hours one day down in Florida. He was at the bar near a putting green and arnold lined up like 25 balls and hit a shot from about 15 feet away over and over and over again. My uncle was baffled by it so he approached mr palmer when he was done and asked him why he only hit that one shot and palmer just said, "last night it was the only shot I missed that I should have made" and arnold smiled and winked at him. Thought that was pretty cool when my uncle told me about it. And it made me realize what separates a guy like Arnold and tiger and jack from people like me and others who don't approach things like that.
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