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Originally Posted by dpeck100 View Post
The 1992 WCW UK set is not the next big thing. That being said there are a few cards in here that will pop and go for decent money.

I have no plans to start a full registry set but will be sending in some of my better cards tomorrow.

Mark my words a PSA 9 Scott Hall will be a $100 plus card early on.
If your Scott hall grades out as a 9 mint let me know and I will gladly give you 100 for it, I'm not joking. The 92 topps cards might be all on ebay and you can get them for 1.50 each, and there might be 5,000 scott hall cards, but the trick isn't finding 5,000 scott hall fans, the trick is a few hundred of his fans trying to get the only PSA 10 or 9 mint. Because the cards you can buy from ebay are not even close to being a 9 mint. There are a ton of Mickey Mantle cards ungraded on ebay, but how many high grade mantles are there? and how much do they pull?
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