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Originally Posted by ViceroyCards View Post
I think the 2 retailer decision wasn't so bad in the end. It's given collectors 2 outlets for purchase, with better ordering, shipping and logistics than we had set up. I mean, we also had offers from the local hobby and comic shops to buy the entire print runs as well. We could have very easily just sold everything here in Las Vegas, hand delivered it, and be done with it. We gave them zero, so we could give everything to you guys.

The retail option is to make it available to anyone, worldwide. Selling locally or self distributing is great and it even gives us better margins, but it does little in the long run. We're trying to build up to bigger and better things. We want to be able to do 500-1000 pack niche sketch sets, always. But we also want to do licensed sets, not just comic licenses either.

Myself, I was always a sports collector, so I would love to build up to get a sports license of any sort. We can't do that self distributing. Building relationships with major online retailers is huge. This is why we came to the Blowout Forums community instead of Scoundrel, etc. I came from the sports side. I know for the most part what sports collectors are interested in, and building a firm base with them via our initial releases will only help us in the long run.

Or, we'll go down in a spectacular blaze of glory... and we're taking everyone with us!
I missed Cryptids,got in the end of Space( although I think I made up for it with my Curd Sculpture collection But I have a case of Carnival on order. And I think you guys are doing things the right way.I am a former sports card collector as well. Love your stuff,your methods and your partners. And I just shake my head when people complain about how you run things. I mean after all it's your company,isn't it? KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.....
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