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Originally Posted by AP4MVP View Post
Banned for telling the truth? Pathetic.
I have been telling the truth for 3 years now. I am not banned. I have been suspended a few times for posting crude pictures. But to this very second I have never once been asked or told by a mod or admin to lighten up, not once ever. And believe me there is alot of situations where they could have easily told me shut my trap or even booted me off the site. But they have not. And I do appreciate that. While I have not agreed with how the mods have handled some situations, I am also smart enough to realize that there is only 2 of them and 20,000 of us. There is only so much they can do and we should cut them some slack from time to time. I am starting to realize that its ok to disagree with others and it is ok for them to disagree with me. Its how you present your side of the disagreement that matters.
Its sad that a good number of the conversations in this hobby begin with "how much"

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