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Originally Posted by Cujobyte View Post
Spider, seriously what do you propose them to do!? Everyone knew what time to order, and those with the fastest fingers got their cases. Same as buying comic con tix in SDCC. Trust me, it's a hell of a lot better than dealers getting it all, and seeing $400 cases up on the bay.
I was responding to Viceroy's post "I MADE A MISTAKE". I do not think they made a mistake.

You have clearly misread what I have written because you have a preconceived opinion that everything I have to say is negative.

But if you SERIOUSLY want to know what I propose them do, its simple. Negotiate an MSRP that both Blowout and SolarFly will agree (by contract) to stick to for pre-sales. NOTE: The entire run doesn't have to be sold during pre-sales, that % can also be negotiated. This time around SolarFly got screwed out of a bunch of money basically. Cujo, have some foresight. SolarFly isn't going to keep selling cases at $260 while BO sells them at $300 and still sells out quickly. When SolarFly raises their price to $300 and still sells out in minutes, BO in turn will raise their price to $350. These things will end up at $400/case soon enough, without dealers buying a single box.

Viceroy is clearly not thrilled about the price increase he saw. I'm certain they will go back and determine how best to make everybody (both the online retailers and the end consumers) happy. My point was simple - Don't throw in the towel and start handling the orders yourself again. You can make this decision work. My proposal might be effective. There are other ways too.

And for the record, I'm perfectly happy with first come first serve. One of the reasons I like the use of a third party for selling is that is takes the emotion out of it. Oh well SolarFly sold out before I got there. Can't blame that on Viceroy. And none of that shady business where 'friends' are exempt and get whatever they want without sitting at their computer waiting for the second orders open to get theirs in.
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