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Originally Posted by bullingham View Post
Don't know enough about the average condition on these cards, but I'd be fairly shocked that any 1992 Topps cards didn't consistently come back a high grade. Some of the older cards (in all sports) command a super premium graded because so many cards were not well taken care of before cards became an "investment" and because production quality just wasn't what it was by the 1990's. The cards you're buying on Ebay (and elsewhere) now may just be the ones people even know what they have/have already opened. Do we know how this product was sold? Packs? Sets? Retail? Hobby (assuming there us such a thing in the UK?) Are there a lot sitting around somewhere? How many were produced? For the prices they sell for now it's not such a bad gamble, but until I knew more about the set (and it's a little hard living in this country for any of us), I'd be skeptical about investing too much in higher grade cards until it can be confirmed how limited (or not limited) this set really was and what the average condition of the cards were.
I am saying this set would be tough to get in high grade because I personally have not seen a box or case surface. Ebay has no history of one selling. These cards are hard to find in mint or better condition. I have purchased altmost all that I can find in the past year and not one single card is Gem. If someone does have cases in a storage unit somewhere I would like to get my hands on them.

Also it is hard to compare wrestling cards to the big 3 in sports collecting. In 1992 collectors went out of their way to keep the big 3 in as good of condition as they can, or hoard unopened boxes. Wrestling cards on the other hand, not so much.
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