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Yeah, I think people mis-interpreted what Spider-Fan originally said. I didn't take it to mean he disagreed with the new distribution method, it looked to me like he supported them trying to change and was just saying that because it wasn't as smooth as it could have been, Viceroy Cards should not scrap it, and instead make modifications based on what they learned.

I think the new method actually worked decently. Yes, I was sad to miss out on the Solarfly cases since they sold out so fast, and I was sad not to be guaranteed any product even though I have supported Viceroy Cards from the beginning. But I had plenty of opportunity to buy a case from BO for $300. If you are into the theme, $300/case is still a good price. I personally wasn't into Carnival as much as a lot of others, so I passed. Now if we had been talking Cryptids or Space for $300/case, I would have bought.
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