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Originally Posted by Watt View Post
I never knew those autos existed either, wow. I bet the Austin/Hogan/Sting would sell for a lot, maybe Gordon Solie too. A box ended on Ebay recently for $47. But this makes me nervous

- Authentic autograph cards cannot be confirmed. The cards listed above represent what has been seen on the
market and/or what is printed on the wrapper. It is not known just how many wrestlers actually signed autograph cards
and if any of the autographs were by redemption cards only. Cards do not have special markings on them to identify
whether they are authentic or not. All autograph cards from this series are of the regular basic set cards.
I pulled an auto from a 1995 Main Event pack, so they are definitely in the packs and not redemption. I doubt if Sting, Austin, Hogan, or any of the other top names signed for the set though. I had 2 random packs sitting around for at least a couple of years. Never opened them because the odds on the autos were so high and the only other inserts were PPV discount coupons. One day I ran across them, decided to open them, and pulled an auto. I was shocked, but not having any authentication or differentiation from the base set was a real buzz kill though. I couldn't believe it.
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