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Originally Posted by geoffyb View Post
I really think you could only create that high dollar value with base cards that the sets are not in abundance. There are tons of wrestling rookie cards out there but most are in sets that I could go buy 100 of right now. I have seen bgs gem mint graded 98 and 99 wcw cards and they bring jack squat. The real question is when the hall cards grade high, are they going to appeal to you or many other people in the wrestling community? I personally would never pay more than $5 for one in any condition which is what these were selling for not that long ago. I do think it is cool that someone is cornering the market on them and being profitable. If you can turn a few bucks into 100 bucks more power to you.
Anyone remember the cm punk 2004 rc that was selling insanely high for a while but has now gone right back down to where it started?
Its hard to compare CM punks "Rookie" to Scott Hall's "RC". Scott Hall changed wrestling forever with the NWO, he was also apart of the Kliq. Hall is way more important to wrestling than CM punk will ever be. so thats a bad example. Also think about it on the reverse, what if we are lucky to be able to buy 1992 topps wcw cards for as cheap as they are now? I recently seen some Ric Flair Impel cards see for around $10-$15 each, PSA graded. Impel cards!!!!!!! Impel!!!! sell for $15 each? that was auction style. you can get a box of impel for $5. So there is a difference between graded and not graded.
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