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Thanks guys.

I don't think further explaining myself to clarify = getting worked up. But hey... things get lost in text without tone.

I was never interested in this set (mostly due to the 'no clowns' thing) so everything I have said is completely unbiased. I have no stake in the success or failure of this set. I would like to see Viceroy be successful and do some stuff I am interested in buying though, because it seems like they have their act together and put out a quality product. I wish some of the other guys would follow suit and sell through a third party to eliminate the messiness and favoritism that happens with some of the distributions. BO wants to make money. I'm sure they will be agreeable to case limits, set pre-sale pricing, etc... as long as they get what they feel is a fair cut of the $$. If not, seems like SolarFly is more than happy to do it.
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