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Originally Posted by pastmyshades View Post
The way it is now with the new ebay fees you would pay 30 cents, plus 11.9% of the sale price in fees (combined ebay and paypal) if you were not a top rated seller. If you were a top rated seller it would be 10.1%.

If you buy in bulk, shipping and supplies should cost you almost $2.00 exactly.

If he is giving you 85% of the sale price as a top rated seller, he would lose money on any item that sells for under $40. He would make 4.9% of the total sale price above $40. So if he sells a $100 item, he would make 4.9% of $60 which comes out to $2.94.

He has to do serious volume and/or move a lot of high end cards to make it worth his while which it seems like he does.

I thought it was flat 10% now for auctions/BIN, and paypal would be 2.9%?
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