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On average with PSA it is $6 today to get a card graded for their monthly specials. In order to submit to PSA you have to buy a membership and you get vouchers with that for higher dollar value cards and very quick turnaround times.

In the case of the graded Impel cards if you have a penny in the card and get it graded and sell it for $15 that is actually an awesome return on investment. No one is getting rich off wrestling cards as the market is not deep enough to do enough volume for it to matter but on a small scale it can be a tremendous place to investment money.

Comparing a card made in 2004 with the much better printing and distribution techniques to a card that was only sold oversees and was made in 1992 is a horrible comparison. Let alone comparing the two performers.

Many of the cards from the 1992 set come with 80/20 centering and have no chance to be mint even with razor sharp corners.

There will not be a flood of high grade Scott Hall cards surfacing and so it would be natural for a few to command much higher prices.

Anyone selling this card raw for $5 is just not using their brain. You have to dare to ask for more and in most cases you will get it. This card will be a $25 or higher raw card for sure.

There has not been one wrestling card that I said would get expensive that hasn't and the Scott Hall rookie card won't be the first one.

If indeed I get a mint copy in my pursuit and decide to sell it there is no chance it will sell for less then $100 because I wouldn't let it go for less.
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