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Originally Posted by Watt View Post
I never knew those autos existed either, wow. I bet the Austin/Hogan/Sting would sell for a lot, maybe Gordon Solie too. A box ended on Ebay recently for $47. But this makes me nervous

- Authentic autograph cards cannot be confirmed. The cards listed above represent what has been seen on the
market and/or what is printed on the wrapper. It is not known just how many wrestlers actually signed autograph cards
and if any of the autographs were by redemption cards only. Cards do not have special markings on them to identify
whether they are authentic or not. All autograph cards from this series are of the regular basic set cards.
I have the Austin and Pillman inserted autographs for this set. I recently saw someone pull a Butcher autograph. I received mine from someone who broke tons of cases of these cards. He also pulled Hacksaw, Parker, Armstrong and Jimmy Hart. They are nice autographs to collect if you have an interest in "vintage signatures" signed in their prime, but difficult to sell without a manufacturer coa. Based on my experience, I would say auto's are 1 in 4 boxes. Almost everyone signed for this set that had a card in the checklist. I remember reading a story of Solie and the ring announcer Cappeta going into a room to sign a bunch of these cards.
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