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Originally Posted by ViceroyCards View Post
Fun facts:

Our first ever orders (Cryptids), came in on the same day just minutes apart, on July 8th, 2012. These were by Graham and then his brother Adam (PopPhenom on here). 3 packs followed by 5 packs.

Our second order came the next day for 5 packs by Kenneth in NC.

Then we had to wait over 2 weeks for the next order, which was by Marty (of Marty and Boo fame, among other stuff) on July 25th, for 10 whole packs! That was a long 16 days.

After that the orders came in at about a couple per day, until they really took off after collectors started posting their breaks. It only took 2 days to sell out after that happened.
First! haha
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