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Solid home win for the B's as they got this one rather easily, outside of a spurt for 6-8 min. in the second the Bruins controlled the play again.

What surprises me is how 'loose' the Rangers are playing in the neutral zone which lead to numerous breakouts for the Bruins, with little or no resistance!

It's time to take (1) game in NY, and try to end this series earlier than the Toronto, The Rangers are a more favorable matchup for the B's than Toronto, and it's showed since the OT Wed. night.

Not sure what Claude will do once the injured defenseman return, I can guarantee Krug is going nowhere!! These kids have been so poised and this team has not missed a beat

Nice to see Campbell awarded the Army Ranger jersey by the team, really liked his moxy fighting Brassard!!

GO B'S GO!!!!!!!
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