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Default The Rondo Show (Rajon Rondo PC Post - Very Scan Heavy)

Finally got around to getting my Rajon Rondo PC scanned so figured I'd try and show it off a bit. While it only includes a portion of all his cards, I think it is a pretty good start. I basically collect anything I like of his - whether it be autos, jerseys, patches, SPs, refractors, etc. Let me know what you think, and whether you have anything you'd like to add to it

In no particular order...

Two '09 Panini die-cut jersey cards (home & away):

Some refractors & SPs:

'09 Topps (#'d /50):

'08 Topps Chrome Xfractor (#'d /288):

'08 Topps Chrome Refractor (#'d /50):

Two '09 Donruss Elite "In the Zone" cards (#'d /100 & #'d /249):

The '06-'07 Topps Turkey Red "Rainbow":





Rookie Year Jersey cards:

Topps Turkey Red:

Bowman Sterling:

Bowman All American:

Rookie Year Autos:

SP Signature Edition (#'d /50):

Topps Turkey Red:

Topps Finest refractor:

UD Trilogy Autofocus:

Non-Rookie Year Jerseys:

'08-'09 Topps Murad:

'08 Topps Variation Relics (green & black):

Non-Rookie Year Autos:

'08-'09 Skybox Fresh Ink:

'08 Topps Variation:

'09 Topps Signature:

Non-Rookie Year Jersey/Auto:

'07-'08 UD Ultimate Collection:

'09-'10 Jerseys & Patches:

Donruss Elite (#'d /50):

Donruss Elite In The Zone (#'d /50):

Panini Threads Triple Threat (#'d /25):

Panini Certified Fabric of the Game (#'d /25):

Rookie-year jersey/patch/autos:

Topps Big Game (#'d /199):

UD SPx (#'d /1199):

Fleer Hot Prospects Red Hot Rookies (#'d /50):

Thanks for looking!
Generally looking for BGS-graded autographs of Andrew Benintendi from Topps/Bowman products
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