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Default Cup Redemption Replacement - Fair deal??

So i received a Fedex package yesterday for the 5 Brodeur Cup cards I redeemed, but was told they were lost by Brodeur's agent, so after providing some guidance to UD as to what i would like to receive in return, i was pretty excited to see what I was getting in return...

I told them I was a super-collector of The Cup and they could tell by the number of high end redemption cards in my account.

I had redeemed four Brodeur Emblems of Endorsement 11-12 /15 and the Triple Enshrinements Brodeur, Price, Roy /10. I also bought a Drew Doughty Cup Foundations Patch Auto /5 redemption a few months ago to complete my set. I learned at the same time that the card will not be produced and also received something else in exchange.

Before telling you if I think it was a fair deal or not, i will let you judge by yourself and then you can see my position. would like your feedback on this! would be much appreciated.

to also put in context, given all the cards redeemed are for the new set of The Cup (11-12), the price they typically sell on the market are often higher than previous years of the same product, all else being equal. people are typicallct is new, want to complete existing sets, etc...

so here is what i got in return:

So I received 7 cards for the 6 cards I redeemed.

What do you think?
for me, i think this is an unfair trade, but wanted to get some views...

here is my rationale:

the triple enshrinement I received probably compensate for the Triple Enshrinement I redeemed, although I think the one i redeemed would probably be worth a bit more, but whatever.

for what it's worth, i paid about $225 a piece for each of the Brodeur.

I would see the Gretzly Stanley Cup Signatures as a fair trade for one of the Brodeur EoE - they sell for about $200 on ebay. again, fair, but not in my favor.

then, i think the Yzerman Emblems of Endorsement 10-11 is also fair replacement for another one of the Brodeur EOE. could tell this one is in my favor

then, I am left with a Malkin Cup Foundations /15 that is selling for about $80, a Crosby Enshrinement 10-11 numbered to /50 that is selling for ~$100 and a Brodeur Number Marks SPGU /25 from 10-11 and a Doughty Artifacts Sticker signature /5 from 12-13 to replace the remaining two Brodeur EoE and my Doughty Cup Foundations Auto Patch /5...

is it me or this is not really fair?

I was told by UD that they value each of the Brodeur at about $150, based on previous sales using Terapeak. they also value the Doughty Cup Foundations Patch Auto at $250. When it is time to ascribe a value to the cards they send me, they look at book value from Beckett instead. that way, they said the have given me $100 in extra value for the cards I received.

I tried to explain that you can't use ebay sales on one hand and beckett book value on the other hand, but didnt work.

I wanted to escalade this. Deal or no deal?
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