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Originally Posted by TASS View Post
Outside of the Malkin and the Doughty , I think you did very well, the Gretzky,Crosby & Yzerman are equal if not better IMO especially the Yzerman with the exceptional patches (he is very hobby friendly!)

The Triple Enshrinements based on the players is better than what you had, you got the Roy, I feel Bourque is a good equal trade off for Brodeur (not a goalie though) and Sakic trumps Price overall.

Now the Malkin and the fact Doughty is not a Cup product appear to be the issues, but overall I think UD did you alright! The real issue is you PC Brodeur so the replacement players factor is always going to be an issue for you! At least you got a low # Brodeur albeit from another product SP Game Used, it's still a pretty nice piece!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
I actually didn't like the Triple. Sakic and Bourque don't go for as much as I think they should, and a lot of Bourque collectors want him as a Bruin. Where as with the goalies, Brodeur is a premium name, and Price still has time to get up there as well as a rabid Canadien fanbase of collectors. I would much, much rather have the goalies, especially with having Roy and Brodeur on the same card. Before even getting into the PC part of it.

But the rest, I think you did pretty good on. I understand it's tough for UD to come up with perfectly equal value to your high-end, PC redemptions. But they did you pretty good, IMO. The Gretzky and Crosby cards are nice, and you should have no trouble unloading them if you're not happy with them. The Triple, as I mentioned, is the downgrade to me. But not all that much of one. Granted, I think they should have tried to get you a better Broduer, as that's the bulk of your PC and redemptions. They HAVE to have a better Marty SOMEWHERE to give you. I hate manufactured patches. They have 0 tie to the player, they sell worse, and they look cheap. The Yzerman is sick as all get-out. And the Malkin is nice, if a very small disappointment from the Patch /5 standpoint, but a better player. I, personally, would love to get that as a replacement. But I can see the other side, too. The Doughty is a disappointment as well. A sticker auto, and one that shouldn't do too well at that.

I'd rate it a 6. You could have done a little better, or a lot worse. Chances are, they aren't going to work with you too much after that. I'd say it's an uphill battle. If you're really dissatisfied with them, go ahead and push the issue. Input from us is great, but in the end, it's your collection and what you want. You know how you feel about the replacements better than any of us do. Good luck with whatever you do.
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