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I am not a huge fan of modern wrestling (1993 to now) to be honest as far as what I am looking for to add in my collection. I do appreciate some of the wrestling sets in the 1980s. I do have some WCW magazine rookie cards of Steve Austin, I really like the Miami football card of the Rock, and the football card of Goldberg, etc. I have also held on to a nice Mick Foley RC. I do like some of the BBM Japan cards as those are tough to get. My quest is to get the 1982 Wrestling All Stars Series A in as high grade as I can get entirely autographed. You can view that set by looking in my PSA registry and I have a photo of each card there for all to view. I still need to slab my Bruiser Brody and find a way to acquire a signed rookie of Andre the Giant.

Thanks for posting the link to my sets as that is a good way to introduce me to the boards!

I posted quite a few things on ebay the last few days and that is also a way to see things I collect.

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