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Originally Posted by wrestlingcardki View Post
What sets are you gong to build next? I'm always looking for a new challenge and will have something that I will move on to next. My goals right now are to finish the 1973 handcut photo cards and the master set of parkhurst cards from 1954. There are 137 in that one and some cards have never been graded to date. I also plan on completing the 1982 Wresting All Stars Series A entirely autographed. All 36 cards which everyone knows is a complete beast!
I have 2 I am strongly considering, 1st the 1985 wrestling all star set, the hand cut set from the magazine, or the 85 WWF OPC series 2 set. the all star set might be more challenging but the OPC set is larger. Not sure which one I am going with yet.
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