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Originally Posted by ohiomike View Post
For those of you that have taken a real version of this test, are you allowed a calculator or scratch paper?

I was able to get 14 out of 15 but trying to do this without a calculator, I spent WAY too much time on the investment question doing the math in my head and finally gave up on the number of pages / font size question without a calculator. So I could definately see where a guy could get hung up on a couple questions and not get through everything in time. But if you're able to use a calculator for some of the more complex problems, and these represent an accurate difficulty level of the average test, I don't see how any HS graduate with either some college experience (or even a degree) could miss more than half of these even with the time factor.
The investment question could have been hard, but they used nice round numbers that made it easy.

The magazine article question wasn't too tough. I'm sure my method isn't the way it is taught to be found, but I got the answer rather easily. Did take more time than the investment question though.

I agree with edhou1, but I'll go deeper and say that's true of most high school kids, not just the athletes. I played 4 sports in high school for the record. Not all jocks are dumb.
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