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Originally Posted by danmecum51 View Post
mine is done in a big fat sharpie... its def. ink, and it looks a little different from some of the other ones on startiger.... it might be an autopen but i dont think those have sharpie markers that fat... i dont know... post a scan and we can compare
I was comparing them to the other photos. I took the picture outside into natural light and i think sportcards is right. It looks to be a preprint. Even the message "Hooke Em: looks to be printed. Its not an autopen, as I started to think it might be. The part that says "To Dan" is definitely a sharpie, and is clearly Macks handwriting. I believe that he has the sigs preprinted and just fills in "To _______" sad, because it would only take him 3 more seconds to just sign his name. Anyways, mine is pretty cool because it does have an indentation from where he signed his name in a ballpoint pen and it clearly shows through in natural light on the photo. All-in-all, I am a little disappointed that its a preprint, but still consider it a big success because it was for free and Mack is a great coach.

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