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lol #@#@#@#@#@#@#@#@... i would be furious if bought that box and got exactly that... its obvious when i look the cards its something missing my guess it was a nice Limited Logos card or something similar.. why in the hell would they put in 2 base cards then? and since they handpack all the boxes its easy they could have missed one and say now better luck next time.. ye right they should at least try understand thats not what an average box should give.

found a boxbreak where they also had 2 base cards but it was 3 auto and a nice triple patch so its clear to me that a card is def missing, i dont care if ud promise that was a legit box.. i dont belive that now cause most boxes that didnt contain any super hits should have 6 cards.. thoose with 4 or 5 usually were the better boxes everyone knows this.

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