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Originally Posted by Gurds View Post
Just saw on ESPN that the big 3 have scored 326 points so far through the 6 games.

I see me and about 19 other people have picked the pacers to win in 7

Good luck to all!! Now I just need the big 3 to score 51 points combined in game 7 and the Pacers to win, and that box of Leaf is mine
u have a good shot - I have them at 339 points combined, someone else has them at 350 combined then you have them at 377 from what u are sayin.

If the pacers do win it will likely be because of limiting lebron and wade imo I think the person with 350 pts has the best shot with you a close 2nd - best best of luck to you , I think im pretty much out of it unless wade or LeBron don't play for some odd reason :P
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