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Just an amazing effort by the Bruins tonight, only two complaints, that Marchand did not get a hat trick and Tuukka came a shot away from another shutout!!

It's efforts like this that show just how well Claude has prepared this team for this series, and the return of Ference has been a welcome addition on the backline.

Nice to be headed back home with two wins, keep up the good work B's and continue to play suffocating 'D'!!

Tuukka has played exceptional with this game being far easier, the Pens still have issues in Goal, and as I had predicted Vokoun was a good story but has run his course, he will be back in Goal Wed., as he still gives them the best chance to pick up a win.

Hope for another strong effort Wed. night at home, the Garden will be rocking!


GO B'S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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