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Default Andrew Luck

Ordered some supplies this week and threw in a box of Chrome football. Literally just opened this. thanks Blowout!!!

2012 Topps Chrome Prism Andrew Luck On Card Auto #'d 23/50 Date Ordered - 6/4/13

About 3 packs in, there was a LaMichael James with a prism behind it as I could just see the top. I slid the James down ever so slightly and saw it was the top of a Colts helmet, in which I knew it was Andrew Luck. I put it off to the side playing a sick mind game thinking well maybe if I don't get an auto, then I will know that it's a Prism auto.....As I moved thru the box, I was never rooting so hard NOT to have an auto in any other pack. When the box got down to 5 packs left, I thought my god, this might happen....4 packs left, none, 3 packs, none, 2 packs, none...last pack, I see the 2nd card is a Brian Quick. At this point even though the odds of this Quick being an auto are only about 4 %, IM sure it's a Quick Auto, at which point I will totally stick my head in the blender....I slide the card down, and don't see any ink, keep sliding lower and lower. Im at Quick's shoulder pads, then his chest, then his pants, and finally am at his feet. NO AUTO!!!!

I lift up the LaMichael James and there it is, the beautiful Andrew Luck on card auto on the prism! I realize this description is over the top and almost sounds like a porno, but seriously if you still can't get excited about a monster hit, then what fun is it even opening cards, so thank you Blowout for giving me a huge thrill....On a sidenote, it looks really good for grading as well. I'm beyond excited!

Edited after getting back graded from Beckett

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