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Originally Posted by mmbtvs View Post
Sunsfan8 is going to be taking over for me on this contest. So whatever post he makes next, that will be the official update thread for this contest instead of the op.
Okay then. Seems weird, id ask why but if its for a personal reason id rather not know. You need a break from this anyway, when you decide to take over I hope you have some good ideas

Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
Uh...... Hi there? If you don't know me, I'm sunsfan8. You probably could tell by reading. Now, I'm running this thread. I'd like to keep the format the same way that mmbtvs ran it before me. So, yeah...

6/7 - Who do you think will win the NBA finals?
6/8 - What would be your porn star name?
6/10 - Favorite Adam Sandler movie?
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