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Day 55. My favorite sandler movie would have to be Big Daddy. I mean ive seen click and grown ups. Grown Ups is funny and I like it but I only have Big Daddy as my answer because I have seen that movie in its entirety. Had I finished watching grown ups that would have been my answer

So once again im going with Big Daddy
Day 56. Sweet Potatoes they taste awful. at least to me they do

Originally Posted by sunsfan8 View Post
It has been brought to my attention that some members did not take "fart" out of their signatures. And I'm here to say, you guys are out.

Of second chances. I'll give one free chance to everybody. I'm not saying you can skip a day, but if you mess up on a request. If you have fart in your signature, you do not have a second chance.
Okay, I can come up with a reason for my fart but it would be unbelieveable cosidering this quoted post
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